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Welcome to Travel In Style 

Hey, I’m Sam, from smv.style on Instagram. I founded the Travel in Style Media Publication as an extension of my Instagram outreach promoting luxury travel and lifestyle brands.

One of the best things about my job is that I get the opportunity to travel to all sorts of beautiful places. I’ve been to over forty countries and have seen things that many people only dream about. I write about my unique experiences and share breath-taking photos to give my followers ideas about where to go on their next trip.

My team and I are trained social media marketers who use all the tools of our trade to help you develop your brand. Sure, you could go with an influencer who has millions of followers, pay exorbitant rates, and hope to gain some traction just by association, but we put in the work to truly support your brand. We create high-quality, personalised content — articles, images, videos & cinemagraphs, and comprehensive ad campaigns — and post consistently, at just the right time, to boost conversion rates. Our numbers don’t lie.

Our recent work with the Renaissance Hotel in Paris generated 1,500,000 reach, 2,500,000 impressions, and 6,500 clicks to their website, with a 2% conversion rate. Reach out so we can do the same for your brand next!

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