burj al arab

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab the world’s most luxurious hotel. I have stayed at hundreds of hotels all over the world and nothing compares to this beauty. The interior is mesmerising to say the least.

Vast rooms and a personal butler anyone?

luxurious hotel burj

My experience at the hotel was nothing short of breath taking. From the moment you walk in you’re greeted in the most hospitable way, treated like royalty.

Myself and Mike firstly checked out the excluxive suite below that contains staircases made from real gold.

luxury travel burj al arab

We then had access to a private pool that is amazingly designed with decorative pillars.

luxury pool

We then carried on and went on to have great lunch at Scape Dubai, took a dip in the infinity pool and finally to finish the off the night at Goldon27 Bar which was superb.

Here is a video recap https://www.instagram.com/p/BqE12gonios/

To directly book a room at the Burj Al Arab visit


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