Pezoules of Oia

Providing one of the most stunning, unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea right from its front door, Pezoules of Oia is by far my favorite boutique hotel I have stayed at in 2018. The hotel is made up of seven cave houses or “traditional” Greek homes. These cave houses are hard to come by, given that any further construction of cave houses in Oia has been outlawed to preserve their historic nature. I was lucky enough to be welcomed every morning with a mouthwatering breakfast served right on my private patio (pictured above). My morning routine consisted of waking up, tossing on my bath robe, enjoying my breakfast with its remarkable view, and then finishing it off with a quick dip in the infinity pool.

Started a few years ago by a couple from Athens, they vacationed to Santorini and decided they never wanted to leave. They were lucky enough to come upon a small patch of land with some old houses that were up for sale, and they promptly purchased the lot. That small patch of land has now been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel that is currently the #1 TripAdvisor ranked hotel in Oia and #3 overall in the entire island of Santorini! I love staying in small boutique hotels like this not only because of the look and feel of the property, but often because of the story behind it. On my first night at the property, I grabbed drinks with the owners and they told me their story.

The last heap of praise I must give to Pezoules is their location. Not only do they boast one of the most exquisite views on the island, but they are just a two-minute walk from the main tourist road in Oia! The road is called Nik. Nomikou and has countless restaurants, fun little shops, and stores where you can arrange excursions throughout the island. My big call out is Pito Gyros. I enjoyed the best gyros I have ever eaten in my entire life here! Plus, the prices weren’t bad and the house wine was very cheap. I highly suggest it. To digest after a big meal, head to Atlantis Books. It is a famous bookstore on the island that has a very impressive collection for such a small store! They even have a few select first edition books including a first edition copy of To Kill a Mockingbird for $15,000.

Overall, I have to hand Pezoules a 5/5 star review. Everything from its location, to its amenities, and the warm hospitality I received from the owners makes it a must stay if you are coming to Santorini.

PS- I am helping run the Pezoule’s¬†Instagram account now. Go toss the account a follow and check out some more of their beautiful photos!

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